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Call for Board Members

We are still urgently looking for Board members. Especially one that focusses on our Members. Each board member/ department leader takes

Call for Board Members2023-08-24T17:12:20+02:00

Call for Enlarged Board Members

The enlarged board members are ambassadors who connect the Forró Federation to their region. Enlarged board members understand the situations in

Call for Enlarged Board Members2023-10-10T21:52:37+02:00

Call for Blog/ Newsletter writers

Your support is needet to cover more topics From 2021- 2023 we had wonderful newsletter writers. The previous articles from

Call for Blog/ Newsletter writers2023-08-24T17:30:00+02:00

How do i start a Forró community?

How do i start a Forró community? (Lessons learned by Daniel Rolfs) Create an Instagram and Facebook page like “Forró Cityname” that

How do i start a Forró community?2023-08-14T18:56:11+02:00

Migração musical e modernidade

Migrância musical e modernidade: Um Estudo do Forró Brasileiro - Tese da Dra. Andrea Fernandes resumo de Sonja Graf (do ForróLetters

Migração musical e modernidade2023-10-10T21:53:46+02:00

Music Migrancy and Modernity

Music Migrancy and Modernity: A Study of Brazilian Forró - Thesis by Dr. Andrea Fernandes summary by Sonja Graf (from ForróLetters

Music Migrancy and Modernity2023-08-24T16:47:52+02:00
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