FOFED Projects Voting (2023)

Dear Forró organisers, musicians, teachers!

We, the administrative board of the Forró Federation, have put our heads together to come up with ideas that support Forró in Europe. And now we want your feedback, thoughts and votes to understand better together what initiatives to focus on as FOFED – an organization with the mission to grow and professionalize Forró together, but also an organization run by volunteers and therefore with limited time and ressources (= we cannot do everything at once, and therefore want to focus on the few that seem to have the biggest potential !) Please:

1) Go to
2) Read our proposals (left column)
3) Vote on max. 3 (by clicking on the triangle of the proposal card) to indicate your top favorites and
4) Leave your feedback and further input in the comments!

Especially to those who are working with Forró – independent of if you already earn money with your events, classes, services or music or not – you are encouraged to participate and by this shape the next steps of the Forró Federation together. It does not matter if you are a FoFed member or not, we are looking forward to everyones input. Also if you are just part of the Forró community (e.g. hobby dancer), but no working with Forró, please read on nonetheless (more info below 🙂 ) ….

💡Proposals list – What if you have a great project idea which is not part of the current proposals list:

If your idea is a project that the federation could do (not a private project idea like in “Call for Projects 2022”), we are happy to know about other ideas out there that should not be missing from the voting list! Please send us your proposal via mail to or directly in the tool via “submit idea” (include a summary sentence, the objective and details), we will add it to the proposals list for next year if it seems feasible. People will then be able to vote and feedback on your proposal too and if the idea gets popular, we will check ressources to realise it – in best case you can take over ownership yourself to make it happen with our support.

🗳️Voting – How is the voting going to happen and what happens afterwards:

Each of you can vote on MAX. 3 proposals. It is mandatory to also leave a comment entering a relatable name/ and saying why you like the idea, so that we get quantitative and qualitative feedback. The voting on Feedbear will be open until 15th October. Afterwards we will meet in the board and based on the received votes and feedback, and based on the volunteer ressources decide on the next steps/projects of the Forró Federation.

🙌How to feedback and support when you are not a Forró organiser, musician, teacher:

The Forró Federation was founded as an organization to support the professionalisation in Forró. Therefore, to make final decisions on next projects, we will focus on the needs of those who work with Forró or aspire to do so. We are of course nonetheless happy about feedback and ideas from any other forrozeiro/a – as more heads help to find better solutions! Please don´t hesitate to share your thoughts on our proposals in the “Feedbear” tool ( – but always make clear in your comment that you are NOT working with Forró yourself, as we want to consider with priority the votes and needs of those. Read on below to see how you could actually really support our initiates: by reaching out to volunteer! …

🤝How you can support:

  1. Please share this voting invite with others in your forró network, so we can base our future actions on the needs of as many as possible.
  2. We are especially looking for volunteers to lead or support our proposals/projects!
    Each of the proposals will and can only be realised if we also find volunteers to take over ownership for them.
  3. And you can always support by becoming a paying member of the Forró Federation. The membership fees are used to cover maintenance costs and fund future projects. More info here: