From 2021- 2023 we had wonderful newsletter writers. The previous articles from the newsletter were now moved to our blog so people can easily access them in bite-size. Ofcause it would be amazing to continue this activity of Newsletter and Blog. Therefore we need you to take over, at least as a contributor of single articles.

Also we have a new category since 2023 called “Grow your Community” which we like to grow into a big knowledge collection where Forró professionals support each other through written content and possibly through other forms later like video and live events.

We need you to write these support guides as all of you have the experience to write them.

Feel free to suggest topics, write about them and send them to us so we can publish them here.

To get some inspiration on what you could write about here is a list of possible topics we brainstormed:

– How to organise events
– What to do when the main organisers leave the city
– How to invite bands
– How much money to charge for events/ lessons
– How to organise a festival
– How to plan a tour as a band
– How to grow a community
– How to handle situations when there are more than one organiser organising events (possibly on the same day)
– How to get teachers regularly from different cities as the community does not have one

Please write us at