Music Migrancy and Modernity

Music Migrancy and Modernity: A Study of Brazilian Forró - Thesis by Dr. Andrea Fernandes summary by Sonja Graf (from ForróLetters

Music Migrancy and Modernity2023-08-24T16:47:52+02:00

To lead or to follow

To lead or to follow. Couldn’t we all have the best of both worlds? (from ForróLetters #7) by Anna Linda Fazenda

To lead or to follow2023-10-10T22:00:17+02:00

Leader and Follower

Rethinking the Terms ‘Leader and Follower’ and Degendering Social Dancing (from ForróLetters #6) by Sonja Graf This past July, I attended

Leader and Follower2023-08-24T16:28:10+02:00

Festa Junina

It's the month of São João! (from ForróLetters #5) Did you know that St. John's Day is celebrated in many countries?

Festa Junina2023-08-24T16:22:18+02:00

Forró Origins

By Sonja Graf, extract from the conference proceedings of the International Council for Traditional Music 31st Ethnochoreology symposium, 2021. (from ForróLetters

Forró Origins2023-08-24T16:12:13+02:00

Conviviality in Berlin’s Forró community

Conviviality in Berlin’s Forró community - An abstract from the master’s thesis of Ramona Markmiller (from ForróLetters #2) Aiming to understand how

Conviviality in Berlin’s Forró community2023-08-24T15:32:30+02:00
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