As a federation we are committed to:

  • supporting the professionalisation of forró teachers, musicians, djs and organisers
  • disseminating knowledge about Brazilian culture with emphasis on forró dance and music
  • facilitating better communication within the community
  • fostering international mobility within the global forró scene
  • popularizing and representing forró among other social dance communities
  • supporting the continued respect for diversity and human rights within the forró scene by facilitating spaces for reflection and discussion on critical issues in our community

Here some examples:

  • Our forró database will give you information about all the concerts and workshops happening at your location so you can plan your way from one forró to the next.
  • Do you want to find out what festivals are taking place and where? Go to our events calendar and see every upcoming forró festival!
  • to know more about the history and roots of forró culture you’ll find recommendations of books, theses, articles and documentaries on our resources page !
  • Do you want to make a local fundraiser for a charity and do this by hosting a forró event? We can help by providing volunteers with previous experience to support you in your efforts!
  • We will publish surveys to observe how forró is growing and changing in Europe and how this impacts the lives of so many individuals!