Members are not individual people, rather organisations, associations and registered freelancers that work with forró across Europe. But you don’t have to be a forró professional to get involved or seek out our services!

While we aim to support all forró in Europe, our members have some benefits as they take the initial leap to support and invest in the Federation by paying the annual membership fee (240 Euros a year). Member benefits include among other things:

  • decision making privileges related to the activities of the Federation
  • regular gatherings and communication with the FoFed members network
  • promotion of events and projects on the Federation’s social media platforms
  • updated contact list of Forró professionals across Europe
  • personal support and consultation in applying for local funds as well as being able to use the name of the Federation in these applications which can provide credibility and legitimisation

Are you interested in joining as a member of the Federation? Apply for a membership here