Receive a code, share it with your students and colleagues who want to learn Portuguese with Forró and earn 10% of each language class registration with your code


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In order to reach the largest number of people in different countries, the language chosen as the main means of message of the Forró Federation is English, although forró is a community originating from Brazilian culture .

While English is the main language to introduce Forró culture to many non-Brazilians, understanding Portuguese opens a direct path to understanding the subtext of the history and cultural and social relevance of Forró in Brazil and the world.

At Forró Federation , we want to make learning Portuguese easy and fun with comprehensive Forró content. To do this, we have partnered with a team of experienced Portuguese teachers and Forró community members who speak a variety of other European languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This partnership aims to offer online Portuguese lessons taught through the lens of Forró’s history and lyrics. But we can’t do this without your help.

How does the Creator Affiliate Program work?

The Forró Federation is offering Creators – Forró teachers, artists and organizers – in Europe an exclusive code to be shared with students, friends and followers who want to sign up for Portuguese classes.

Each time an affiliate uses this code, the Creator will receive 10% of the registration fee. The cost of each registration will be disclosed throughout each registration period and is expected to be between €80 and €100. There is no maximum number of affiliates per Creator and to participate, you must have a European bank account.

With complete information and confirmation from Forró Federation, each Creator must receive the amounts within a maximum period of 30 days after the end of the registration period.

This amount can be used personally or reinvested in the Creator’s professional development with Forró, in their local community or in their private business.

The code will remain valid monthly, as long as the affiliate remains enrolled in the classes. How can we ensure this permanence? This is our mission: to make learning fun and engaging, allowing students to learn comfortably in their homes, with forró friends they will meet at parties and festivals.

Let’s work together so that all forrozeiros and forrozeiras around the world have a closer relationship with Portuguese and, consequently, with Forró!

Danilo Buckentin ( @danilobuckentin )

Hi everyone, my name is Danilo Buckentin and I am an online English and Portuguese teacher. I was born in Rio de Janeiro and have been teaching languages ​​since 2016 and I am passionate about what I do. I live in Lisbon, where I study theater and dance forró, but I have also lived in Germany, where I learned German and started teaching Portuguese to foreigners. I am very excited about the partnership with FOFED and I am looking forward to the new students who will join me, so that we can explore the Portuguese language and the rich Brazilian culture through forró together. Come!


Julie Anne Caldas ( @vidadeindigo )

Hi, everyone! I’m Julie Caldas, Brazilian, born in São Paulo, but a citizen of the world. I currently live in Spain and from here I teach Portuguese to English and Spanish speakers in several countries, many of whom are forró dancers, like me! In addition to teaching Portuguese and dancing forró, I’m a Hatha Yoga teacher, journalist and writer. Now working with FoFed, I want to help spread the word about Portuguese with classes that are interesting, fun and also share a bit of our beautiful culture. I’ll also be responsible for language exchanges, which will help not only foreigners learn Portuguese, but also enable Brazilians to practice other languages. I’m very excited and I hope to see you there!


Alex de Almeida ( @alexalmeidakeys )

Hello! I’m Alex de Almeida , a Brazilian from Curitiba who loves music and languages. I lived in Karlsruhe, Germany, for 10 years, and now I’m venturing to live in Greece! I’m currently the accordionist for Forró de KA and Gandaiá. In addition to being a musician, I’m also a language teacher, specializing in Portuguese, Spanish and German, languages ​​in which I’m fluent in addition to English. With over a decade of experience teaching languages ​​in Brazil and Germany, I’m excited to share my experiences and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures!

Language exchange

In parallel, we are launching weekly online language exchanges, so that forrozeiros and forrozeiras from Europe and Brazil can connect and practice their language skills.

When: We are planning the 1st meeting for June Available languages: Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Duration: 1 hour Group size: Minimum of 6 participants Level: All levels Price: For now, it will be free; later, we plan to charge a small fee

Find out more and register your interest in this Form .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email: .

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