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Information for all organisers:

If you like to embed this Map into your Forró Website, please feel free to do so. The Federation supports everything beneficial for the growth of Forró.
Soon we like to display the events of each (City, Band, DJ, …) directly in a link for each pin. To make it possible for your pin, please add your events.
And please also add your festivals there, so we can display them all in our Event list with a nice picture, and your most up-to-date information.


Upcoming festivals

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Forró Festival FAQ

  • Where can i sell my Festival Ticket if i cannot go?

    • Usually every festival has its own Facebook site where you can offer it.
    • A chatgroup exists where you can sell your tickets. Ask your dancers in your community they can invite you.
  • Is it possible to get a discount on my ticket?

    • Many festivals need helpers and offer discount or even free tickets if you commit to help a few hours.
  • What should i know before i visit my first festival?

    • Many festival locations don´t have a great air condition, so you might want to bring a spare t-shirt.
    • During the workshops you might not be able to buy something to drink, so bring a water bottle.
    • Every festival provides beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops.
  • How much experience should i have before i go to my first festival?

    • As a leader it might be smart to do at least one ore two dance courses before you visit your first festival. But remember a nice dance is not about making a huge amount of movements. Its more about feeling and dancing to the music.
    • As a follower you can go immediately. It might be smart to ask good dancers for improvement suggestions or even to take a private class, which usually all Forró teachers offer around a festival.