The world of Itaúnas

Two French forrozeiros discover the world of Itaúnas (from ForróLetters #6) Claire from Lille and Michel from Paris spent nearly two

The world of Itaúnas2023-10-10T22:05:41+02:00

Forró in Israel

On a sunny Thursday evening in Jardim da Estrela in Lisbon, I, Sonja Graf met with Dor from Jaffa to find

Forró in Israel2023-10-10T22:14:24+02:00

Forró in Turkey

A forró community created from scratch (from ForróLetters #4) Forró is very present outside of Brazil, and it even exists in

Forró in Turkey2023-08-24T15:36:20+02:00

Dancing again (Turkey)

Between Christmas presents and a turkey, a new word has crept into our lives - like far too many others in

Dancing again (Turkey)2023-10-10T22:10:38+02:00

From Student to Teacher (Nantes)

From Student to Teacher: How the Community in Nantes began - An interview with Fredão (Frederic Binyom)  (from ForróLetters #2) For the

From Student to Teacher (Nantes)2023-08-24T15:32:11+02:00
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