What are the benefits of being a member of the European Forró Federation?

While we aim to support all forró in Europe, our members have some benefits as they take the initial leap to support and invest in the Federation by paying the annual membership fee:

  • Decision making privileges related to the activities of the Federation;
  • Regular gatherings and communication with the FoFed members network;
  • Promotion of events and projects on the Federation’s social media platforms;
  • Updated contact list of Forró professionals across Europe;
  • Personal support and consultation in applying for local funds as well as being able to use the name of the Federation in these applications which can provide credibility and legitimisation.
Apply here to become a member

Who can be a member?

Members are not individual people, rather organisations, associations and registered freelancers that work with forró across Europe. However, persons or groups of several persons who plan to become a legal entity in the next two years can apply for a newcomer membership.

To become a member of the Federation you confirm:

  • that you agree with the statutes of the Federation
  • that you are based on the European Continent
  • that one of your main objectives is linked to forró
  • that you already are a legal entity
  • or that you are planning to found a legal entity in the next two years
  • and that you will pay the membership fee applied to your country (240€ for all countries in the €-zone, the corresponding amount for countries with another currency, and 120€ for the following countries: Turkey and Russia).

How can YOU get involved if you’re not a member?

It is a priority of the Federation to support the continued respect for diversity and human rights within the forró scene and in doing so, to help facilitate spaces for reflection and discussion on critical issues faced in our community. With our actions we want to focus on both our members and non-members alike, because we have the same common goal – share our passion for forró with the biggest number of persons possible.

If you are an enthusiastic forró dancer in the community and have an idea for us or want to volunteer, we always need specialised help from people with a variety of skills! So get in touch by sending us an email to forrofederation@gmail.com!