How we started

The European Forró Federation (FoFed) was founded in December 2020 with 32 founding member organisations. It began as an initiative to create better communication within the European Forró scene, to facilitate collaborations within the community and to encourage the growth of Forró across the continent.

Before our founding, we gathered virtually, many times, with up to 60 individuals who are involved with the professional world of forró in Europe. These meetings were announced publicly on social media. We formed democratic working groups to decide on the name, the structure, the statutes, the membership fee, the benefits for founding members who made the first investment in the Federation and the process of electing the board of administration. Together we democratically built what is now the first Federation of forró organisations in the world!

During the constitutive general assembly which took place on December 18th 2020, we elected a board of administration which consists of eight representatives from the founding member organisations. This acting board is made up of: Leonie Schmidtmer (Ai Que Bom), Thiago Lima (Ai Que Bom), Sonja Graf (Social Dance Research Alliance), Camila Alves (Espaço Baião), Bruno Prado (Tanzkulture Brasil), Marilia Cervi (Forró em Lyon), Matheus Antunes (freelance teacher), Sofia Cruz Mora Ramos (PD London).

Our purpose

The mission of this Federation is to foster forró and Brazilian cultural exchange in Europe and support professionalization and communication between teachers, musicians and organizers in the forró community.

To summarise our purposes, we are committed to:

  1. Supporting the professionalization of forró teachers, musicians and organizers;
  2. Facilitating better communication within the community;
  3. Fostering international mobility within the global forró scene;
  4. Popularizing and representing forró among other social dance communities;
  5. Supporting the continued respect for diversity and human rights within the forró scene by facilitating spaces for reflection and discussion on critical issues in our community.

Federation statutes


A not-for-profit association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 is founded between the subscribers of these statutes, with the title European Forró Federation – Federação Europeia de Forró. Its duration is unlimited, its structure is of a federative type with grouping in local, departmental, regional or international associations and other legal entities.

The head office of the Federation is located in Paris. It may be transferred by simple decision of the Board of Administration.


The aim of the European Forró Federation is to :

  • To promote and popularize Brazilian culture in Europe, with emphasis on forró dance and music
  • To produce and disseminate knowledge about Brazilian culture with emphasis on forró dance and music
  • To communicate about important information and organized events, highlighting the information and events from our members
  • To represent the common goals of our members on an international level
  • To contribute to the growth and development of the European forró community
  • To support teachers, musicians, organizers, DJs and others who work in the same area as the Federation and to professionalize and/or improve their activities by providing information and advice on training, education and studies
  • To promote reflection on topics of interest to the European forró community
  • To foster international mobility within the European forró community
  • To improve and expand communication between communities working with Brazilian culture in Europe
  • The federation is committed to respecting human rights and helping to ensure that they are respected in our community

Download the full version of the statutes in Portuguese PT and in English ENG

Portuguese PT
Estatutos Federacao Europeia de Forro
English ENG
Statutes European Forro Federation